Okay, I’m going to go on a bit of rant here so you may not want to read on. I’ll tell you upfront what the rant is about so you can decide. Spiritual Teachers who don’t tell you the truth! The truth? What do you mean? I will tell you now…

Let me first tell you where this is coming from. I have a Membership program, as many of you know. If you don’t, you should check it out and get on the waitlist because it’s amazing! I also have a free FB group called Soulful Living with your Guides and that group is incredible too.

What I’ve noticed in both these groups is how some people are under the impression that just by praying and meditating you should be healed and life is supposed to be wonderful. Just by believing you are the “light”, everything will be honkey dory and if it’s not, well you are obviously doing something wrong. This is not true! You aren’t doing anything wrong; you are living. I live my life with my Guides, meditate every day and am very connected to Source, but life happens. Does it throw me? Not like it did before, but sometimes I’m funky, wonky, unbalanced and insecure. That’s when I go to my Guides, read, do yoga, play tennis, call my assistant and bitch about something, go for a walk, learn and then get over it.

I find some Spiritual teachers are out there telling you they are great all of the time. Since they have taken that big plug that is attached to their ass and plugged it into the Universal Source, they are riding high. Maybe they are. Maybe I have it wrong… But the thing is, I’ve met some of these teachers, and they aren’t in cosmic bliss 24 hours day/7 days a week. So why aren’t they telling you the truth?

What I have been teaching my Members is that when you are walking this Spiritual journey learning about your gifts, you wake up to things that may not feel so great. Things like what happened to you when you were five, or dreams you have forgotten and are now mourning a bit as you dust them off and bring them back to life, or maybe that job you got isn’t as great as you thought. But here’s the thing, you are closer to your truth. That is what this life is about.

I believe we come into this world knowing our truth and then different teachers, priests, rabbis, parents, siblings, and friends may try to erase that truth from your memory. Then we spend our adult years finding that Spiritual path again and walking on it.

That is what life is about. I think that is why we are here. We stray from our truth, and then we get back on it, and we gather the courage and love for ourselves to truly walk the truth that lives in our heart.

But let me be clear about that path. It’s not just full of bird songs and butterflies. Well, it is… but it also can have moments of tripping, scraping your knee, and feeling bruised. Having a relationship with Spirit helps you to brush yourself off, pick yourself back up, and know how important and divine you truly are. Then they gently nudge you further down the path, where the sun is shining and the birds are singing. As you continue to walk, you may see a rock on the road, but you aren’t falling for it this time. You step over it, and you notice something else – an opportunity or a new place to grow.

Then you may slip again, but you are further along on your path. You now have a relationship with Spirit, and even though doubt sometimes creeps in, you don’t feel as alone anymore. You get up, brush yourself off, grab the hand of your Guides and continue down the path, all the while falling in love with yourself even more.

Please know that nobody, and I mean nobody, is living a life in a state of constant bliss… maybe the Dalai Lama, but I have a feeling even he would tell you about a few scrapes and falls in his life. Love yourself through every moment. Know that you are perfect just the way you are. Be truthful with yourself as much as you can be, and embrace this magical life you are living. Remember you are just like all those Spiritual Teachers you see. You are just as divine and perfectly flawed. The difference is that you actually talk about it!

Sending you light & love,


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