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Last week we talked about what it means to live your soul’s purpose and what it costs if you do or don’t. This week, we’re going to get into the specifics of how to live in your soul’s purpose.

Weekly Wisdom: We’re used to feeling like our dreams are far away. But when you picture them that way, it makes you focus on scarcity and lack. Instead, focus on the parts of your dream that are ALREADY active in your life (or easily could be), consciously make them part of your everyday life, and allow that connection to pull your dream to you.

In the Facebook Live (link below), I go through three exercises to help you live in your soul’s purpose.

First, I want to clear up some confusion that people have about what it means to live your soul’s purpose. In general, your purpose will involve helping others. But serving others by doing things that you hate is NOT the same thing as living your soul’s purpose. 

So, stop doing that! Serving others is great, but you want to do it by serving yourself first. You’ll never live your best life if you hate what you’re doing. It’s when you follow what you love that magic happens!

You see, your soul’s purpose isn’t about what’s out there, external from you. It’s about investing in yourself. 

What’ does investing in yourself mean? It means discovering and following your joy and bliss. Maybe you don’t know what your joy and bliss are right now, but that’s okay. You can always learn.

Getting specific about your soul’s purpose doesn’t cost anything. Getting to know yourself better doesn’t cost anything. However, investing in yourself and taking the time to get specific and know yourself allows you to craft a life you love—and that’s PRICELESS!

Super Important Questions

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. What’s going to be different three months from now if you don’t start working on knowing and investing in yourself?
  3. What’ll be different if you spend even just five minutes a day connecting with and creating a soul-based life?

Exercise #1

Recall a dream from when you were a child. Think back to when you were a kid (or even last week if you can’t remember your childhood dreams) and remember what you wanted to do.

Now, write down the emotional experience you think the thing you dreamed of being would give you.

For instance, my life gives me the opportunity the help people think creatively. It lets me have the day I want to have. I can go running in the park in the morning with my dogs and play with them. I can have a fun team meeting with my team instead of corporate drudgery.

Once you’ve written down what emotional experience your dream gives you, find examples of where it already exists in your life.

A Personal Share (and Exercise #2 and 3)

Several years ago, I was feeling stuck and depressed. At job interviews, I had to make up hobbies because I didn’t have any. I had friends, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be, and it left me in a dark and narrow space.

Then I started communicating with my Guides, and they had me write down the events of my day and rate them from 1-10, with 1 being “hate it,” and 10 being “love it!” For anything in the 7-10 range, they asked me to incorporate it more frequently into my daily life (exercise #2).

Without focusing on the things in the 1-6 range, my life started mirroring the 7-10’s. And after saying ‘no’ a few times, the 1-6’s just started fading away. And when I said ‘no,’ I didn’t make excuses. I took care of myself because no one else was going to.

My Guides also asked me to make a soul’s list. They had me write a list of things that fed my soul. Then, they had me do 3 things from the list each day (exercise #3). (I tell my clients to do 1 thing each day, and it works, but my Guides had me doing 3!)

Take Action to See Results

I’d like you to do all three of those exercises. Include more 7-10’s in your life, and do at least 1 thing from your soul list each day. You can put one soul item on an index card and pull one/day or just rotate through the items on your list.

Say a trip to Egypt is on your list, but you can’t afford to go right now. That’s okay. You can still spend 10 minutes looking at pictures of Egypt, researching where you want to go in Egypt, or making a list of things you want to do there.

When fear comes up, just keep moving toward your dream. Fear is always a factor, but keep moving forward anyway. Scale down your actions if you need to, but keep going forward. Otherwise, you’re suffering, and the people who are missing out on your gifts are also suffering.

If you tried before and failed but still feel drawn to the dream, then maybe you didn’t yet have a character trait you needed, and you haven’t taken the time to build it. Do what you need to do, and keep going forward!

Most of it is summarized in this newsletter, but if you missed the FB Live on 01/23 or want to get in on all the cool stuff not included in the summary, you can watch it right here.

At about 8:15, I lead you through exercise #1, and at about 20:25 in the video, we cover exercise #2 and 3. Put your discoveries into action, and start living your soul’s purpose TODAY!

Next week, join me for another fun Live! We’ll be talking about How to Meet your Guide and Transform Your Life


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