Marilyn’s Sunday Sessions – Espresso-ly For You

Hello to all you beautiful and authentic souls! Today, we’re going to talk about the power of getting in touch with one, specific Guide. I’ll also lead you through a meditation that puts you in touch with one of your Guides.

But first, let’s talk a bit about this week’s words of wisdom.

Weekly Wisdom: One thing is never going to be THE thing that changes your life to the version you want. Change is a combination of things and a progression. Instead of looking for THE thing, pick one thing that moves you forward and take action.

In past FB Lives, we talked about the conditions we sometimes put on our dreams and how you have to take the brackets off if you want to progress towards living life from your soul.

A similar trap people get stuck in is looking for solutions—moving from one “this is going to change it all” thing to the next—without taking action. One activation is not going to change the rest of your life. It’s a process that moves you along, but if you want to live your dreams, you have to DO things. Life is a participation activity.

How many times have you been presented with an opportunity that you think will help but you think that you have to clean your fridge, walk the dog, or learn how to roller-skate first.

That’s fear, scarcity, lack, and limiting beliefs getting in your way and limiting you!!! You have to go after your dreams and take action. There is nothing that will get rid of your limits and move you forward faster than taking action DESPITE the fear and limiting beliefs.

Now, not all of the dreams you go after will come true, but each dream catapults you forward. Even when the dream doesn’t take you where you thought it would, it can take you where you need to be and where you’re meant to be.

And don’t be afraid that where you’re meant to be will be somewhere you don’t like. Regardless of where you thought your dream would lead, embrace the beauty of that place. Find the gifts and the abundance, and keep moving forward.

I know that hard times fall on people. I’ve had my share of crappiness and struggle. But don’t be a victim of your circumstances. When you focus on how bad your life is, when that becomes your story, you end up creating more of the same type of crap.

You have to change your story if you want to change your life.

Things can be falling apart around you. It happens to all of us. When it does, feel your grief and sadness but always keep asking what you can do today to change things. Believe in yourself. Lift yourself up. Imagine the feeling you want to have in your life, and find a way to bring at least a piece of it into your world today.

If nothing else, find someone who has it worse than you and lift them up. You’ll learn lessons about abundance and meaning that can help you turn your own life around. It can help you break through some of the limitations you put on yourself.

Talking to a specific Guide can also help you see your limitations and find answers about moving forward.

Getting in Touch with One Specific Guide

It’s important to know your Guides. If you’re just randomly communicating with energies around you, you can get advice that isn’t meant for you.

So, let’s do a mediation that puts you in touch with a specific Guide. (You can read about it here, or follow along in the video below starting at about 21:15.)

Pick an area from the following choices: career, love, health, or home. For now, pick just one.

Where does the dream for that area of your life live in your body? If it’s at a specific aura or locations, you can do a search to find if there’s extra meaning to the location.

For now, give your dream a shape and color. Next, picture drawing the shape and color that contains your dream outside of your body.

Now, breathe. Send breath to your dream and take a breath from it.

Think of an expert Guide. The Guide can be living, deceased, famous, not famous, someone, something, etc. Pick only one Guide, though.

See yourself, your expert Guide, and your dream like a triad, and just breathe with each portion. You breathe in from them and then fill them with your breath.

What is your Guide known for? What trait or characteristic do they symbolize or embody. Picture that trait and breathe it in.

Now, ask your Expert Guide for one action step that you can take today to grow into your dream.

Thank them for the action step, and commit to working with this Guide again one day this week.

Finally, breathe the dream back into your body. Breathe light into your body. And take action as soon as you can.

If you had trouble hearing/seeing/feeling an action step from your Guide, pick one feeling you want to feel from your dream. Imagine and embrace that feeling.

You don’t need me or anyone else to tap into your soul. I’m giving you tips and techniques, but the information is always there for you. You can communicate with your Guide and your soul as often as you want.

Just remember that taking action is vital. Make a decision about one step that will move you into your dream, and DO it.

➔ If you’d like to watch the FB Live from February 6th and follow along with the meditation outlined above (starting at 21:15), you can see that below.

➔ Also, I did another Live on February 2nd and talked about setting goals in the areas of home, health, love, and relationships. You can watch it below.

Next week, join me on Tuesday (Feb 13) at 12:30pm Pacific talking about 3 Ways to Work with Your Guides When Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True. I’m looking forward to seeing you then!



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