Thank you so much for reading my blog this year. I appreciate you more than I can really say.

I’ve composed a list of the posts that we got the biggest positive response from this year. Just in case you missed any of these, you can catch them all below (in chronological order).



Trying to connect with your Guides? Try this simple checklist

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 20.45.00Am I clear enough to receive messages from my Guides? What do I need to do to be clear? People often ask me this question thinking there is some magic formula out there that will bring them closer to their Guides. Can I drink Coke? Can I have wine? Do I have to be in deep meditation or need to be in a quiet place?

The answer is no. They are always available to you.

I want to give you a simple checklist to go through to clear the channels so you can communicate with your Guides.  You can do this checklist whether you are at the office or in a restaurant waiting to meet a blind date. Of course, you can also do it when you are home alone in a quiet space.

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Why I choose not to just talk to your Dead Uncle

What is MediumshipWhat do you think when you hear the word Medium? Many “Mediums” define it as just talking to your deceased loved ones. I disagree. To me a Medium is someone who bridges the gap between our dimension and all of the other dimensions out there. A Medium channels information from your Guides, Angels, Deceased Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Aliens…whoever is hanging out with you these days, and reveals the truth of your soul. That is a Medium…and that is the Medium I am!

I have fought the old definition of this Mediumship label for a while now, and I’m putting down my sword. I’m giving up the fight against all those old, antiquated Mediums who think that unless you are speaking to a dead relative…you aren’t doing Mediumship.  Who gets to define me? Me! And God…I’ll let God define me too.

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How to Trust in Your Guides

trusting guidesHow do you know if your Guides are speaking to you? Are you hearing your own thoughts or is it your Guide communicating with you? Many people have difficulty discerning the difference between their own thoughts and feelings and knowing if it is a Guide’s guidance they’re receiving.

There are a few signs to tell the difference if it’s your mind or your Guides doing the talking. Spirit Guides don’t necessarily bluntly tell you what to do. Guides DO help you feel and try to understand your life choices and options better. The one thing to remember is that you can always trust that your Guides have your best interest at heart… so they will never lead you down a path of destruction or negativity.

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How do I know I’m hearing my Guides?

clairaudience 3I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me: “I can’t tell if it’s my Guides voice I’m hearing or my own.”

So how can you tell?

When I started channeling, my Guides spoke  to me on the right side of my head. While I truly felt it was them, in the early stages self-doubt would creep in and I would doubt myself.  I remember once I asked my Guides, “How do I know I’m not making this up?”

They said, “We are giving you great advice, so who cares?” They were right.

The advice was the best advice I had ever received and I had already been in therapy for years – group therapy, coaches, psychics, priests…you name it, I went for it because when I was in much pain, I would do anything I could to feel better. Discovering my Guides and dialoguing with them was the best therapy ever. And it was free!

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How One Song Changed My Life

Guides SongsDid you know that when you wake up with songs in your head, it’s your Guides speaking to you? Or how about when you are in the store and you hear a song and you start singing along? Do you think it’s just because you like that song? That is also your Guides talking to you. Look up the lyrics and read them…I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!

I have always woken up with songs in my head, and they are usually songs I haven’t heard in a while. I didn’t realize that was another way my Guides were communicating with me until they shared that information with me. Now I always run to the computer to look up the lyrics and I’m often astounded by how they uncover or illuminate something I needed to know or the amazing ways the lyrics answer a question I had been wondering about.

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How to balance your emotions in difficult times

balance emotionsJust yesterday, I had a client ask me if I took off last week because of the election. My answer was no.

Even though, I have an international audience, I would like to address an issue that affects all of us, especially those of you who are Empaths.

When a world event occurs that causes fragmentation, anger, fear and an incredible amount of discomfort in our atmosphere, how do you deal with the pain that springs into our ethers? And what do you do when you’re empathic and you feel it even more than the average person?

Nobody can aide in the healing of this world if they are melting into a collective emotional puddle full of rage and hurt. Not one Healer/Empath is going to benefit from riding that collective consciousness wave. None of us will be able to step into solution if we are wracked with anxiety and sadness.

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