We are all gifted and we all have the capacity to speak to Spirit.  I want to share with you my understanding of who your Guides are and why they are here, along with your deceased loved ones.  This knowledge changes and shifts over time as the information provided by my Guides is constantly expanding. Have fun reading.

What are Guides?

Guides can be angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, animals, nature, beings from other planets, colored energy, sound or a person in history you admire.

They do not need to have known you or have lived on the Earth plane in order to direct you.

What are they here to do?

They are here to assist you with your life decisions and help you align with your soul. They teach you to engage all of your gifts so that you may live a joyous, peaceful life and expand into your truth. Through them, you will learn how to heal yourself and others while you are here on Earth.

Are we all healers?

Yes, we are all healers. Whether you prepare someone’s taxes, check out groceries or use your hands to heal, you are a healer. Your everyday communication with people, the way you hold your thoughts and prayers, has power to heal and help others on this planet and other beings from other dimensions. You are much more powerful than you know.

Why have my Guides chosen me?

You chose each other before you incarnated on the earth plane.  In the spirit of co-creating, you are helping your Guides as much as they are helping you. They have jobs where they exist that we don’t fully understand while on earth but your work with them helps them to move forward, expand and grow towards their greater purpose. They also want to help you have a rich experience on this plane by remembering who you are so you can fulfill your destiny as well. 

Can I have more than one Guide?

Yes, you can, and probably do, have many. You may have Guides that have been with you since your birth, and others that come in and out of your life during different phases. Some will be with you for a short period of time; others will stay for the duration of your earthly existence.

What happens to my loved ones when they cross over?

It is my understanding that they go to a place that allows them to grow, expand, heal and help others in a way that we can’t fully understand. Our deceased loved ones want us to realize they are not the same people they were when we knew them. They have a greater capacity to heal and love us from the other side and they want us to work with them in a different way. To read more about this, check out my blog here.

How do our Guides communicate with us…

They communicate through all of our psychic senses:  sound, feeling, touch, smell and even with the use of symbols. Below are some examples of how they may be communicating with you already…

Symbols:  you see white butterflies wherever you go or the same numbers.

Sound: you wake up with a song in your head that you have not heard recently.

Feeling: you feel a tingling somewhere in your body.

Touch: you feel like something is touching you.  It may feel as light as a feather or like a loose piece of hair has just fallen down your arm.

Smell: you smell cigarette smoke or flowers when none are present.

How can I deepen my connection with my Guides?

There are many ways to deepen your connection with your Guides. First and foremost the mere desire to bond with them usually deepens the relationship.  Here are some ways to connect with them right now:

  • Talk to them before you go to sleep
  • Keep a journal by your bed. Once you wake up, record whatever you remember or whatever is on your mind or the first thing you hear or see.
  • Tell them you want to connect with them.
  • Write them a letter.
  • Be specific about where you want help and how you would like to have a relationship with them.
  • Promise to trust the signs and symbols for 30 days.

No matter what happens don’t write it off to coincidence, instead, just trust for 30 days. What can happen is magical when you open yourself up to the possibilities. I write about this topic often and offer videos about deepening your connection with your Guides and deceased loved ones. Subscribe to my YouTube page, receive my latest monthly predictions, and join my FB page so I can teach you how to have a relationship with your Guides.  And as that connection blossoms with them, I want to hear all about your experiences.   

E-mail me at info@marilynalauria.com or post an experience on FB or YouTube.

I look forward to guiding you to your Guides!

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