It’s week two of the New Year. Can you feel the energy shift? I can. If you can’t, read on. If you can, read on too.

I signed on to Facebook today and noticed someone posted about how the year was already getting off to a bad start. If this is you, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! If there is anything I can teach you, it’s to have a different perspective of your life now. Changing how you feel and experience your life is in your control no matter what happens. Let me tell you a little story about last year.

As you read through this, you will discover a gift or two just for you. Last year I set out to make many changes in my life. These were massive changes mainly in my career. It started at the end of December of 2015 when I purchased The 90 Day year. These significant changes started taking place January of 2015, but I talk briefly about that in my free Ebook 360 Living which you can get here. I was talking with my Guides about how change needed to happen, and that I needed to be surrounded by like-minded people and to see my goals come to fruition. I went onto Facebook, and they took me to a post where people were talking about the 90 day year. I turned to my Guides, and they urged me to raise the stakes in my life, and I purchased the program. When my Guides speak, I listen.

Sometimes making big investments and big purchases can feel very scary, but I knew in my heart and soul if I wanted to see the change in my business, I needed to think out of the box, take a risk and spend some money! The 90 Day Year was a great experience for me to quickly take the reins of my life and dreams and Guide me to success. It helped me to focus on my goals in my business and life. Yes, there is that word “goal” that makes so many of you run. If you don’t like the word “goals” call it intentions, visions, anything you like but most importantly don’t run from the dreams in your heart. Goals help you to bring the life you dream about into real experience. In the 90 Day Year, I met some new people, formed some great relationships, learned about other kick-ass programs from other people and became accountable to myself and my dreams. Thank you Guides for showing me where to go.

All during the year last year, I took significant risks. With the help of my Guides, I got very clear about the kind of life I wanted to be living. Truthfully my Guides were the ones who got me clear. If I wanted to take Road A, they would let me know if that road was truly correct for me and either steer me to road B or help me stay the course. There were a few times where I almost let fear dictate my choices and pull me off the course of my dreams. My Guides wouldn’t stand for it. They would stop me and call me out on my issues and lovingly get me back on track.

I have to tell you even though my Guides are always there for me, I experienced some moments of paralyzing fear. You know the kind of fear that wakes you up in the middle of the night, heart beating fast, sweating and you can’t go back to sleep? Fear that tells you, “you are never going to get out of this, and you are going to be left dying on the side of the road.” Fear can mess with you, but I wouldn’t let it have its way with me for too long. Through the noisy intrusion of fear, I would talk to my Guides and ask them to tell me what to do. In the faint distance I could hear their direction, where to go, who to talk to, what to do and as I listened harder, intently focused on not allowing fear to have its way with me, their direction would grow louder. I would follow their steps, finding my way through the darkness, into the light. Breathing a sigh of relief that I was, in fact, alive and quite well, not lying on the side of the fearful road.

I’m so glad I got through those moments. The places my Guides led me taught me so much about myself and helped me build and even stronger infrastructure than I had before. Whenever you make big changes in your life, it can be very uncomfortable, and you need to surround yourself with people and teachers that can Guide you through the discomfort towards success.

One person that helped me was this woman Barbara Daoust. She is a mindset coach, and I joined her Mastermind group on “money.”. It was so beneficial to me that Barbara is the guest speaker in Membership For Your Soul this month. If you are interested in Membership for Your Soul, you can join the waitlist here.

Mindset is one the most important things you need in order to live the life of your dreams. How you talk to yourself, how you feel about situations and how to manage fear is super important to succeeding in life. The next time you experience something that is troublesome or feeling uncomfortable, stop yourself from traveling down that rabbit hole of “this year is getting off to the wrong start.” Know that you are loved more than you can imagine, are being taken care of, and Your Guides are handing this moment of discomfort to help you stand in the truth. Remember you are alive and prospering. Change your thoughts, and it will change your life. How do I know? Because changing my thoughts has been miraculous for me!

To help Guide you along your path to success, I have two free gifts to offer you. One is my 360 Living book where you can work on what you need to release in 2016 and what goals you want to set for 2017. For those of you who know this book from last year, it has been edited and simplified regarding categories of goals. I also would love to suggest you listen to this beautiful Higher Self Meditation here. Your Higher Self is your first Guide, and she/he will help you to make clear conscious decisions on your journey. Also, many of you may not have known I have started a Private Facebook Group page so you can participate in the posts without worrying about people seeing them that you don’t want seeing them. You can join that group here.

I want you to have a great year! Every year of my life gets better, brighter and bigger because of my Guides. Get in touch with your Higher Self, and you will be Guided to your heartfelt destiny.