Mindset is the most important thing you can work on to change your life – to experience joy and abundance. No matter how much you study spirituality, metaphysics, psychic phenomena, if you don’t have a great mindset it will be next to impossible to apply all the amazing things you are learning.


Your thoughts inform your actions. You literally become what you think about. So what are you thinking about?

Barbara Daoust is a mindset coach that we had as a guest expert for Membership for Your Soul yesterday. I think this is such an important topic that I wanted to share her talk with all of you. In this recording, Barbara and I talk about so many life-changing things. She gave a great example of someone had one belief that completely sabotaged them until they examined it and made a different choice. We also talked about the importance of really digging deeper into your mindset so that you aren’t held back from living to your fullest potential. Barbara also shares the two questions you must ask yourself to open up opportunities for yourself.

Click here to listen to the call.

These are the types of experts that we have in Membership. If you are interested in joining the wait list, you can do that here.

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Barbara is teaching an Abundance Principle Program. If you would like to learn more about that, you can do so here.

We are still looking for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16 that are in the LA area. They must be comfortable on camera, believed to have psychic ability, and comfortable with being filmed for a short video that will be seen internally by networks for pitch purposes only. Not for broadcast. We are shooting for two days after school in the LA area on January 24 and 25.

Marilyn will teach these children psychic tools as well as possibly have them do readings. (Marilyn will also read your child, so parents must be comfortable on camera too because you must be present during the reading.) We will be exploring the child’s psychic abilities through different games. There is no other compensation for this filming.

We will travel to a house that the owner feels is haunted to read the space and do space clearing.

If this sounds like your child, please fill out this questionnaire. (It goes to a Google form.)

Thank you!