Marilyn’s Sunday Sessions – Espresso-ly For You

This week I’d like to talk with you about your soul’s purpose and how we sometimes put brackets on our dreams.
But first, let’s dive into why knowing your soul’s purpose is important. Ask and answer this question, “If I don’t discover and live my soul’s purpose in this lifetime, what happens—what’s the cost of not living it?”

Many people answered that they’d feel sad, unhappy, like a failure, inadequate, or that they might have to come back and try again. Any of that seem familiar to you?

The cost of not living your soul’s purpose is that you’re living from a place of fear, lack, scarcity, and unhappiness and some of that is manifesting in your daily life. You may feel pressure about not being all you can be. Or maybe you internalize things which leads to the cost of feeling like a loser/failure, inadequate, like you can’t get it right, or that you’re just not meant to live a life of purpose.

Now, keep in mind that your soul’s purpose shifts and changes as you have life experiences. If what once filled you with passion and gave you joy no longer does, then your purpose has likely shifted or completely changed, and it’s time to find it again.

Maybe you’ve never consciously known your soul’s purpose, and maybe it’s shifted or changed so that you’re feeling lost or uncertain. Either way, if you aren’t living your soul’s purpose, it’s likely that you’ve put brackets on your dreams.

  • “I’ll do this when…”
  • “I can’t follow through because…”
  • “What if I try it and fail?”
  • “The idea of living my purpose scares the $&!@ out of me! I need to heal the fear first.”
  • “Living my soul’s purpose is going to disrupt the routine within my family.”
  • “I know what I want, but I’m not sure I can make it a reality.”

If you’re thinking or saying things like the above, you’ve put brackets on your dreams.

To live with passion and joy, you have to get rid of the brackets. Leave behind or reprogram the “can’t be” programs in your head. Believe in yourself and that you’re a gift to the world. Reinforce those beliefs by acting on your dreams and either thriving or surviving to try again. Be honest and trust yourself.

The reward of getting rid of the brackets is that you step out and live life fully from your soul. You live with joy, passion, and meaning.

Weekly Wisdom: You don’t heal fear or work on it. You accept that it’s along for the ride and live your dreams anyway. It can be there, chatting you up and playing scary movies for you all day, but it’s never the one driving your life or making decisions for you.

I’ve summarized some of what you’ll see in this email, but at 9:30 in the video, I lead you through a process that helps you find your soul’s purpose.

Next week, we’ll get to the specifics of your soul’s purpose.

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