I discovered something lately that I didn’t even know I was doing. I was dreaming in a box. There were brackets placed on my dreams – caged-in beliefs of what I thought was possible.

Mind you, I thought I was dreaming big. I was like, “Woohoo, look at me now. This is amazing! I can have this. I can achieve that.” I thought my dreams were the “cat’s meow.” Then I realized that I was dreaming small. What was significant to me was so small in comparison to what I could accomplish.

But how do you take the brackets off of your dreams if you don’t even know you are dreaming small? Or you may be saying, “Marilyn, I don’t know what you are talking about girl, but I am dreaming ‘big’ over here.”  I guarantee that you can dream even bigger!

Over the past two years, things have shifted for me. I invested in myself in ways I have never done before. I knew I had to change things. I was tired of hitting the wall. I was dreaming big and setting goals. I believed in my dreams, but I would find myself going two steps forward and five steps back. In December of 2015, a class came across my Facebook feed that I felt I needed to take. This class was precisely what I needed. It was the final hours to purchase, so I made the purchase.  I knew I had to take this class and pay in full. I had to do something different.

That class proved to be the jumping off point for my life. Not because it was great (it was great), but because I invested in myself and my dreams. I knew things had to change, and I knew I had to make those changes happen.

Fast forward two years to January of 2018, and life is just building incredible momentum, and I feel like anything is possible. “Yes” is always in my vocabulary. I think about something and “boom” there it is and I’m on it like “white on rice.”

Now let me share another little secret with you. My Guides were with me all the way, but it wasn’t cheerleading. They weren’t saying, “You can do this, go for it, grab that thing by the horns and go.” Instead, they were telling me, “You need to get rid of this, release that person, don’t go there, stay away from that.”

They were clearing my plate of all the draining people and activities in my life. I said to them, “Wait a second! If you clear all this away, I’ll be left with nothing, no one.” They said, “Exactly! You need to clear out the dead leaves so new life can spring forward.”  

I knew they were right. I knew I had to walk away from situations that were exhausting me and experiences that took up my mental energy so nothing creative could get through. I did what they said and released things one by one. I don’t think I ever felt scared about what I was doing, but I did have moments of going back to that particular person or thing, out of habit, and quickly learned my Guides were right.

In time, as things and people cleared the path, I began to see the life that I could have, the life that was waiting for me, and I was amazed. Inspiration flowed. Creativity hummed. I was on fire. Everything seemed crystal clear and beautiful. Everything seemed possible.

I’m so excited to see where my Guides take me this year. We are co-creating a magical life together. I’m so blessed to have them. We all have them.