Just yesterday, I had a client ask me if I took off last week because of the election. My answer was no.

Even though, I have an international audience, I would like to address an issue that affects all of us, especially those of you who are Empaths.

When a world event occurs that causes fragmentation, anger, fear and an incredible amount of discomfort in our atmosphere, how do you deal with the pain that springs into our ethers? And what do you do when you’re empathic and you feel it even more than the average person?

Nobody can aide in the healing of this world if they are melting into a collective emotional puddle full of rage and hurt. Not one Healer/Empath is going to benefit from riding that collective consciousness wave. None of us will be able to step into solution if we are wracked with anxiety and sadness.

When things happen in our world, it is an opportunity to shine a light where much darkness exists. Whether you serve thousands as a teacher or you are raising a family, each life you touch matters and your impact can create a domino effect of change.

Sitting in a corner trying not to feel or feeling too much keeps you trapped in an illusion that is sick with disease and sadness. Lashing out only feeds the negative monster so more hatred spreads. Releasing powerful love emits healing into our world.

This is a very tough topic for me to address when so many people are still raw from ongoing turmoil. Whether it’s the election, a war against your religion, the economy in your country, the water in your state, fear and anger exist.

As Empaths, it’s our responsibility to rise above the negative vibration and hold a positive vibration instead. When I released this statement on my Facebook page, I was accused of just wanting to dance in light and love. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t talk about hanging out with unicorns and sprinkling fairy dust around the world. I speak about the “truth.”

The truth for all of us is that we live in a world that desperately needs healing. This world has always needed healing. There has always been strife, war, poverty, hunger, sadness, disease and much more. It’s not about focusing on what is going wrong but on how we can heal and bring about solutions with love.

Empaths feel so much, they shut down their hearts, making it difficult to help heal others or make a decision that can change the course of things for the better.  This world needs your heart to be opened in a powerful way. Don’t shut it down.

After the election, I too was a little depressed and worried what the outcome meant for our country. I came out of that depression by 9:30am the Wednesday morning after. I knew that there was an opportunity for healing here. I knew that the veil to ignorance would be pulled away. I knew there was opportunity here to love my neighbor. I chose to sit in solution and not the problem and do my part – even if my part is just hugging someone who felt uneasy about the election results.

I created a special PDF before the election, but I have to tell you my Guides knew exactly what I was doing. Thank you Guides!  This PDF will help you take back your heart if you suffer from merging with other people’s pain.

Once you opt-in for this free pdf, you will receive other emails about this amazing class I have on empathic ability.  You can opt-out at any time.  I believe in my work and I believe in the timing of these classes, so I don’t want you to miss an opportunity for something free. Please feel free to opt in, enjoy and then decide if you want to go further.

Much love to all of you no matter how you voted. I love you! I see you! And I’m blessed to know you.

Now my badass Spiritual side is going to go do some work, just in case anyone was still thinking I was hanging out with unicorns.


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