I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for soo long but overwhelm, busy schedule, life, launches and so many things distracted me from writing.  I want to give you ten tools to do in 2 minutes or less to lower your stress levels, change your mood, and just get you out of the funk you may be experiencing.

I also spoke about some great tools in my Facebook Live yesterday, and you can watch it here. It’s also up on YouTube in case you don’t have FB (below). Just so you know, every Wednesday at 12 noon (pacific) I go live on my Business page here.


Many of you asked me what you can do when people disturb your energy. The truth is, people can’t disrupt your energy unless you let them. Now trust me, I get it! I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of some as*&$#e’s response. I’ve been there, and have been known to react. I had a reactive moment today walking to my Hike when this guy almost plowed me over with his car. He does it to everyone because he thinks he owns the road. A person like that riles me up, and I left all spirituality behind and lifted my middle finger to him. Yep, the great Spiritual teacher that I am gave someone the middle finger. Here’s the thing though… I felt crappy after because this is not my nature. I stooped down to this man’s level.

Why? Why would I allow him to affect me that way?

Well, he’s dangerous, but still, he’s more dangerous if I let his behavior change me.  Here’s the other thing, I was thinking about him right before I ran into him. Did I draw that in? You bet I did. That’s how powerful we all are. Next time I will spend my energy on meeting Oprah on that road instead of that guy.

The bottom line is we all have these moments, and you have to know how to snap out of them when they happen. I want you to realize you have so much more power than you think. When you get a handle on what is going on inside of you, your outside world responds to you like a  Spiritual song. Yes, I know things happen. Didn’t I just write about that last week? But still you get to come from a  place of peace and maybe the thought of putting up your middle finger doesn’t even enter your mind.

So without further ado, here are ten quick, surefire ways to stop you from putting up your middle finger, getting your feathers ruffled, or just getting knocked out of your inner peace. I do hope you try these and let me know how they go.

  1. Have a list of mantras, great quotes, or even lines from a book stored on your phone. Quickly read them all. For a bonus read them out loud. It works.
  2. Go to a window and connect with nature. That tree outside your window or the plant on your desk will instantly line you up with what is good inside of you.
  3. If you don’t have any nature that’s easily accessible, Google images of your favorite flowers, or places in nature and breathe just for a few seconds while looking at them.
  4. Go to YouTube and watch videos of beautiful places in nature. You are sure to feel better.
  5. Go to YouTube and search Spiritual places in the world. You will connect instantly.
  6. And if the above doesn’t work on YouTube, search for funny animal videos. Come on, we have all laughed at those.
  7. Carry around a little birthday candle, the ones you put on birthday cakes and excuse yourself from the annoying moment. Go to the bathroom and light the candle and sing a song to yourself. Remind yourself that the light you see in this candle is the light that is in your heart.
  8. Carry around your favorite aromatherapy scent and breathe it in anytime you feel miffed. First of all, breathing is always a great tool, and second of all, your favorite scent will remind you who you truly are.
  9. Have a song filled with sounds of nature on your phone and listen to it and breathe.
  10. Scroll through pictures of your animals on your phone. You are sure to feel better after looking at those. I have a ton of pictures on my phone of my animals. If you don’t have animals, then just have a file of your favorite photos.

Okay, so those are quick, easy techniques that you can all do. Let me know how it goes. Come on over to my Soulful Living Page and share how this worked for you or add some of your own. There will be a pinned post there so everyone can help each other relax in two minutes or less.

For more tips make sure to watch the video above.

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