Do you know how important it is to be in touch with your Guides? Do you realize how much they can help you with all of your decisions? Do you question whether they are speaking to you? Do you understand their messages?

This is my platform, peeps. I love my Guides! I couldn’t exist in my life without them. I was talking with someone today, and I was sharing how I woke up last night with fear about something, and I got up, did some work with my Guides, listened to some Abraham videos, meditated, got the huge lesson they were teaching me and went back to sleep. And the beauty of this is I got up a little later than normal, but it did not matter because I choose what I do in a day. I was able to get up, journal, meditate and do yoga before I sat down for meetings. My Guides helped me set up this life I love to live. Thank you, Guides!

Now I know many of you may not have this luxury because you have kids or work for someone, but I am here to tell you, your Guides can help you bring peace and joy to your day. They can Guide you to live a life you are excited to get up and live.  Whether you know your Guides or not, trust me they are there. Say, “Hello, Guides.”

Today was one of those profound days for me because after I had the reawakening in the middle of the night, I ended up having another lesson during the day. I was struggling with an old familiar feeling, doubt – a fear around a new adventure when Barbara Doust called me out of the blue. She was the perfect person I needed to speak to at that moment. Thank you, Guides!

Let me explain. You will never hear me tell you, “I’m co-creating a life with my Guides, and everything is hunky dory.” No, instead I will tell you that sometimes I trip, fall, hit a wall, resist myself, step out of alignment for a second, but my Guides are there to pick me up and get me back on my path. Sweet, loving Guides!

This year I refuse to live small! I’m taking many, many courageous steps, but sometimes my old story creeps back in – old language, fears, doubts, and insecurities try to take hold of me and stop me from moving forward. But I have the tools now. I’m conscious. I see what the tricksters are doing, and I catch them in the act. I’m able to slap their hands away from grasping a hold on me and instead reach out to grab the hands of my Guides. Thank you, Guides.

This year, I don’t want you living small, and one of the ways to get out of your own way is to get in contact with your Guides and create change through Consistency. You can’t plant a seed and then if something goes awry, dig the seed up and toss it aside, only to replant it in a week or two. You have to stay conscious about what is going on around you and stay consistent with your thoughts. Your Guides can help you to move from negative to positive thoughts very quickly. They want to help you. They are here to help you.

I don’t know about you, but this year has started off with a rush of excitement, inspiration, and amazement, even with all that is going in this world especially on American soil these days where I live. I don’t let it deter me from my dream. Thank you, Guides.

I share all of this with you because I’m going to be announcing a FLASH SALE in just a few hours today, January 26, 2017.  What’s a flash sale? Flash sales are when I give away an incredible amount of product and readings at a very discounted price – Over 75% off. It’s really more than 75% but we struggled with telling you it’s over 90% because we didn’t think you’d believe us. Well, I just let the cat out of the bag. It’s over 90% off. What?! Yep. So keep your eyes peeled on your inbox because this sale will only last 48 hours.

So excited to work with you on an intimate basis.