Marilyn Alauria
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      Do You Let Others Define You?????


      The other day I was sitting with one of my students mentoring them on the business side of being a medium. We got into a discussion about Mediumship versus Psychic Readings. She has studied with me as well as another teacher who happens to be famous. The other teacher and I have opposing views. About 5 years ago, I also studied with this teacher READ MORE…

      We Are All Mediums!


      The other day I was listening to a woman minister to her congregation and she told them to stop going to other people for the answers, including herself, and go directly to God. This statement resonated with me because I feel we all have access to the answers that are lying within our soul. Two days before I heard this woman, I heard another READ MORE…

      Tarot Exercise, Video & Customer Appreciation Offer!

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      Last week I played a game on Facebook where I asked you to pick a number from 1 to 22 and I revealed the answers the next day. Many times I play these games and I don't let you know what the question is or my motivation. Unfortunately, this game confused the heck out of many people. "What happened", I thought? My games are usually a huge success on READ MORE…

      Spirit Circle


      SPIRIT CIRCLE - By Phone Tuesday, July 15th, 6:00PM PSTĀ  FULL MORE DATES ADDED: Spirit Circle Dates(LIMITED SPACE) Tuesday, August 5th at 1pm (PT Thursday, August 7th at 3pm (PT) Marilyn is booking about 5 months out at this point. She would like to accommodate people who would like to schedule a reading sooner and has added spirit circle READ MORE…