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      • Connect to spirit in such a way that makes your entire life feel like a Spiritual Song. Marilyn Alauria
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      I Finally Figured it Out!

      Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? It’s a classic. Every successful businessperson I know has read it and refers to this book. I was reading the book this morning and Mr. Hill talked about the importance of having a mentor in your business and I couldn’t agree more. For years IREAD MORE…

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      Symbols – What are My Guides Trying to Tell Me – Live Tele-Conference

      Are you Missing the SIGNS your Guides are giving you? Are you Unsure of how to INTERPRET them? Do You TRUST what you MESSAGES you are getting from your Guides? Your GUIDES use SYMBOLS to speak to you. People tend to miss the messages because they write the symbol off to coincidence or struggle withREAD MORE…

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      Speak to Your Loved Ones in Spirit!

      Click Here to Watch the Video           It’s only fair to share…

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      Join Me Wednesday, April 1st at 11:00AM PST for a LIVE Class!

      Join me this Wednesday, April 1st at 11:00AM PST for a LIVE 3 Hour Teleconference I am doing with Ana Maria Vasquez. We will be discussing a LIGHTHEARTED & PRACTICAL look at MEDIUMSHIP! To determine the time in your area Click the Time Zone Converter Below: Click Here In this special mediumship teleconference we willREAD MORE…

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      Channeling Part 3 – Dreamwork

      Let’s expand on our channeling skills in this video on Dreamwork. Try this fun Assignment to meet your Guides in Your Dreams and learn to trust yourself and your intuition!   Click Here to Watch the Video It’s only fair to share…

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