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      • Connect to spirit in such a way that makes your entire life feel like a Spiritual Song. Marilyn Alauria

      Brand New Live Class – Dancing with Your Guides a 28 Day Challenge Part 2

      DANCING WITH YOUR GUIDES (a 28 Day Challenge – Part 2)…Gliding into Balance and Harmony in your HOME, HEALTH, CAREER AND RELATIONSHIPS!!!! A MAGICAL 28-DAY JOURNEY OF TRUTH, JOY AND LOVE. About 4 years ago I taught a very empowering successful Live class called THE 28 DAY CHALLENGE Part 1, Constant Communication with Your Guides.READ MORE…

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      It’s been a very fascinating time for me recently for many reasons some of which I’d like to share with all of you. “TRUST” is something I am always teaching my students. How can I trust the messages? How do I know my Guides are really talking to me? How do I know it’s notREAD MORE…

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      Marilyn’s Interview with Kimberly Maska

      Marilyn was interviewed by Kimberly Maska  In July 2014.   Enjoy the recording below  Click Here to Listen to Podcast To Read More about Kimberly see below Kimberly has been on a spiritual journey over the past several years. During the sudden illness and death of her mother, Martha, she truly understood the value ofREAD MORE…

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      Full Moon Tonight & Manifesting the Moon Call

        Connect to spirit in such a way that makes your entire life feel like a Spiritual Song! The full Harvest Moon rises tonight (Sept. 8). It is a time of change and awareness…a time of resolution and resolve. Go outside and give your soul to the moon and ask it what You want. YouREAD MORE…

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      Join Me & Meet Your Joy Guide!

      The month of September is a month of great change for us all. Summer is over, the kids are back in school, the weather starts to get cooler and the colors around us start to change. It is the perfect time to start something new. A hobby, a new exercise regimen or something that willREAD MORE…

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